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I call it Vera

So does this! I call it Vera.
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For the love of audio & ebooks
Welcome to I Call It Vera! A new home for audioboook and ebook sharing.

Since the closure of audiobookshare and ebookshare, it seems there has been something of a vacumn. I don't like vacumns so I built this community. True, the name is not what it seems, but I welcome folks to join and share again.

If you'd like to join, there are 2 very simple steps. If you don't fully complete both, you won't be added. In addition if your journal is brand new or you haven't posted in the last month, your request to join will likely be denied.

Step 1: Leave me a comment on the friends only entry letting me know how you found the community and why you're interested in joining.
Step 2: Click here or use the "Join This Community" link at the top of the page.

Once you've been approved, please read the Rules post (which isn't written yet, but will be soon).